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Faith Ivall

Marilyn Monroe may have sang 'diamonds are a girl's best friend', but nothing sparkles more brightly than the Financial Planner who can be trusted.

Previously to Paul, I had listened to the advice of six other money experts. Two charged me monthly fees, one was charged with illegal activity, and three were secure with the limitations of Wealth Creation 101. I was discouraged.

Then one night, weak and weary, "The Money Team" book caught my eye again. There in Chapter Five was Paul Jackson and Craig Lehr. Making the decision to visit the office, I met with Paul. And now, many years later, despite the rise and fall of the markets, the 'financial model' Paul implemented for me has proven successful. He listens, he explains, he guides and above all else, he values me as a person first and client second.

The colleagues and staff of Money Concepts, especially Karen Shane, are knowledgeable, progressive, and respectful. I truly believe that Paul Jackson, well informed, always learning, will try his best to look after my financial interests. Always a gentleman, he has never asked 'what took you so long?'