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What Clients Say about Jason Bergen

Jason is an all-around professional with great expertise. He is very knowledgeable with not only financial planning, insurance but also wills and benefits. The list goes on. He is a great person to really help you think about the long term. I would highly recommend him.

Steven Brouwer

Jason has helped not only me but also my clients with financial planning, investments, tax prep and life insurance. I would (and do) easily recommend him to anyone in need of these services.

Gabe Lanteigne

I practice primarily in the area of Will and Estates, and in that capacity I have known and worked with Jason for several years. I have also dealt with a number of individuals who are clients of both Jason and myself. I have always found Jason to be knowledgeable, detail oriented, and a pleasure to work with.

Edward K. Kaye

Jason has always been a solid advisor for my family. I would recommend Jason's service to anyone.

Michael Kind

Jason helps us and our employees manage their group RRSP plans efficiently and is quick, knowledgeable and attentive to inquiries and concerns.

Yvonne Churly